A Zone Conference with David Archuleta, And Other Awesome Things!

We have had another wonderful week with uplifting experiences, very inspirational meetings, teaching and working with our investigators and less-active members, plus our volunteering in the community which we love so much!  We also took  the evening off Thursday to be in the Temple with much loved family to do work for ancestors gone before.

Pine Valley Chapel

Wednesday, we had a Senior Missionary Couple Conference at the historic chapel up in Pine Valley with President and Sister Center.  We trudged up in a snow storm with several inches of snow on the roads and felt the first chill of winter.  But once inside, we were quickly warmed by the spirit.  The theme of the Conference was Unity.  ” I say unto you, be one; and if ye are not one ye are not mine” (D & C 38:27).  The 5 principles of Unity are 1) To learn the doctrine 2) Eliminate contention 3) Forgive others 4) Watch over others and 5) Sacrifice for the Kingdom of God.   Being a Senior Missionary Couple is unique and the mission we are called to is unique.  The driving force in our work is the Savior.  The training we receive from President and Sister Center is wonderful!


Today (Friday) we had a Zone Conference with David Archuleta.  He sang his beautiful verson of “I Believe in Christ”.  Elder Fresh and I sat in awe of his spirit and talent. He recounted some experiences from his own mission in Chile. He learned through many hard lessons to trust in the Lord.  We asked ourselves, “Do we trust God?  Do we believe He will help us do things that we don’t think we can do?  By small and simple things, we can accomplish such great things!  He admonished us to “Never underestimate small and simple You.” When his grandmother was a much younger person, she awoke one night to the sounds of a heavenly choir above her singing “Come, Come Ye Saints”.  One day soon after, the Elders knocked on her door and she began taking the missionary lessons.  At the first Sacrament Meeting she attended, the hymn was “Come, Come Ye Saints” and she turned to the Elders and said, “I know that hymn!” which puzzled the Elders, who wondered where she ever could have heard it before.  She was, of course, later baptized, and has had two grandchildren serve missions.  He closed by singing his version of that beautiful hymn, including one verse in Spanish.  The meeting, his music and his message was an absolute spiritual feast for us !

We have been working with 4 investigators and less-active members.  It has been such a wonderful experience teaching and relying on the Spirit to guide us.  All 4 of them came to a Fast and Testimony Meeting with us on Sunday and one sister bore her testimony, which, of course, made our day!  We look forward to their progression.   We have so many people to contact, our days are so full.  It is a wonderful work and Elder and I are growing, learning, being challenged daily, being blessed daily, and are so grateful for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to share.


4 thoughts on “A Zone Conference with David Archuleta, And Other Awesome Things!

  1. I love listening to David Archuleta sing. He is an amazing young man. What wonderful experiences you are having! Thanks for sharing on this blog!

  2. Thank you Sister Fresh for sharing your wonderful mission experiences, we love feeling the Spirit as you write about your contacts and how the spirit is directing all you do!

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