The Work Goes On…

We have been so busy, busy!  It takes a lot of time to get around to the 8 wards we have been assigned to, and meet the Bishoprics, the members of the Ward Councils and get them to know us.  Sometimes we go to their individual homes, sometimes we go to their Ward Council meetings on Sunday.   We attend at least two Sacrament Meetings every Sunday and mingle with the ward a bit before and after.   It has been very enjoyable doing this.

We had our first Zone Meeting and it was very motivational!!  We loved it.  There are approximately 40 missionaries in our Zone, with 6 Senior Missionary Couples, and the rest are divided pretty evenly between Elders and Sisters.  The other Senior Couples are so fun to be around and we get together socially on our P-Days a bit.  And of course, the young Elders and Sisters are so energetic, full of the spirit and lively!

We have done some visiting of recently baptized members in our spare time lately.  Today, we visited with Esther who was baptized about 6 months ago.  She is 93 years old but, unfortunately, is suffering with some problems in her legs, so she cannot attend Sacrament Meeting.  We read a few scriptures together and prayed together.  We are hoping that she can recover enough to come to Sacrament Meeting with us, which would be so wonderful.  Such a sweet lady!

We struggled with a bit of discouragement this last week.  We realize this will be a part of things from time to time.  Our investigator Sue, who we watched General Conference with, told us she didn’t want us to teach her any more of the lessons.   She is also in her 90’s.  We stopped by and had an enjoyable visit with her this morning and left her with a prayer.  Of course, we pray for a softening of her heart.  She is somewhat of an agnostic.

Tomorrow night we will begin teaching Michael, who asked his sister to find some Mormon missionaries because he wanted to learn about the Gospel.  I believe Elder Fresh is going to teach the Restoration lesson. We are looking forward to meeting him and teaching him.

Tonight we have our weekly Missionary Correlation Meeting where we meet with the Ward Mission Leaders and Ward Missionaries we have been assigned to.  They give us our “work” for the next week, with names and details about potential investigators, partial-member families and inactive members to visit, or even new move-ins to stop by and visit. It’s an energizing meeting.

So the good work goes on in the wonderful Utah Saint George Mission, and Elder Fresh and I are loving it!!


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