“Lift Up Your Heart…”

“Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come;

and your tongue shall be loosed, and you shall declare glad tidings

of great joy unto this generation.” 

Doctrines and Covenants 31:3

We are loving the work here in the Bloomington Stake of the Utah St. George Mission!  We have met so many wonderful people, both members and non-members.  It is so amazing that when you really listen with spiritual ears to an investigator’s story, you know with crystal clarity the message that you need to give them.

The young family we met while out tracting last week, the Tuefalas: Mom, Dad and 2 little boys, have been a little hard to catch up with and tie down for an appointment, however, we feel something from them, an open-ness.  We have had two different socializing activities in our Stake this week, but could not get them to either one.  The Spirit whispered to slow down and not put any pressure on them.  We would rather them miss a party, than for us to miss the opportunity to be welcomed into their home to teach.  As missionaries, the spirit of the work has us so fired up, we just want to give them the whole banquet of the Gospel.

We have been in the home twice this last week of Roman, a smart and handsome 12-year-old, and his Mother, who is inactive.  Roman was just recently baptized and will received the Priesthood soon.  Mom sits in on the teachings and participates, and gave a prayer when invited.  We have left him with challenges both times to read pamphlets on The Restoration and The Plan of Salvation.  He is obedient to the challenge and clearly understands what he has read.

And then there’s Anna, a 93-year old sweetheart with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.  She is slowly grasping things as we teach and testify, and was willing to say a prayer before we left.  I love to hear the humble prayers offered by someone who hasn’t prayed in a long time.  She agreed to watch the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference with us.  We are looking forward to that.

We managed to fit it some service hours at the local food bank, and plan to do this as often as our schedule permits. We loved the hours spent among humble and sweet people.

 “Because I have been given much, I, too, must give…” 

Hymn, Page 219


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