First Day, First Appointment!

Today was our first day of getting out in the field, going with the full-time Elders tracting.  They took one side of a street and we took the other.  After knocking on 45 doors (okay, maybe it was more like 14 or 15), we talked with a few members asking for referrals, and heard a number of people say (through the crack in the door) that they were not interested.  Of course, there were many people not home, but at the next-to-last door, a young father and son answered.  We told him the purpose of our being there, and after consulting with his wife, they agreed to meet with us at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday!  Oh my goodness, I LOVE missionary work!   So we can’t wait to get to know this young family and teach them, by the spirit, the message the Lord would have them hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We accompanied the Elders to an appointment with a young 12 year old boy, Roman, who has just been baptized and received the Aaronic Priesthood, along with his less-active mother, Sharon.  Things went very well, both are coming along in their knowledge of the Gospel as we read Alma 32 together.  Roman is the cutest and smartest young man.  It will be fun to watch him and his mother’s testimonies grow and strengthen.

We ended the day with the weekly Ward Mission Leader Correlation meeting and met some of the ward mission leaders in our area, and got caught up on what is going on with the work.  It was very beneficial.  One of the wards has 6 ward missionaries.  There is alot going on here in our Bloomington, Utah Stake, which is the top baptizing stake of over 40 in the Utah Saint George Mission.   Then home to wrap up the rest of the loose ends from our first day, trying to assimilate names, situations, wards, game plans, etc. and do our planning and studying for another great day tomorrow!


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