The MTC – What A Place!

We have been at the MTC for four days now, and wow, everyone should have this experience!  Many people have told us that we would meet the nicest people here, and that is true, we have.  There about 100 Senior Couples with us this week from all over, and going forth to serve all over.  We are organized into Districts and there are 8 of us in our district:  Elder and Sister Gattage are from Providence, Utah and are going to Columbia, South Carolina.  Elder and Sister Thueson are from Newport Beach, Oregon and are going to the Philippines.  Elder and Sister Olsen are from Indianapolis, Indiana and are going to Norway.

One cannot imagine the energy emanating from more than 2,000 young, energetic and excited young men and women.  You feel like the building will lift off!  They are so wonderful to observe and we marvel at what an army of strong and temple-endowed missionaries are being sent out across the globe.  They are so polite to us Senior Couples (we can cut straight to the front of long lines in the cafeteria) and will stop and shake our hands and ask about our Mission.  They always are hard at work everywhere, studying, reading or practicing their language.   At our Tuesday evening Devotional where Sister Wixom spoke, the choir consisted of over 1,000 young missionaries.  It was a thrilling Devotional.

We put in long days, getting up at 5:45 to get ready, pray and study before Breakfast at 7:00.  Our classes begin at 8:00 am and go until 4:30 pm.  We have dinner, then go back to our room to complete our homework assignments and scripture study until bedtime.  We are ready for bed by that time!  The work is hard and we have learned so much about being missionaries and “Teaching People – Not Lessons”.  We have had incredible Elders and Sisters as our teachers (all of whom have only been off their own missions for a few months).   Together, Elder Fresh and I are learning to work together in our companionship.

Tomorrow is our last day here, and we will never forget being at the MTC.  Our testimonies have grown and we are more excited than ever to share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!


One thought on “The MTC – What A Place!

  1. Cute blog title! Kim and I look forward to the day that we can serve a mission together and experience what you two have the privilege of enjoying! Best wishes on a continual exciting and uplifting experience in your life! Love you!

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